Get Inspired

Inspiration. Maybe it’s something you see or something you read. Whenever I find something I find interesting, beautiful or interesting, I like to record it. These series of photos are objects, scenes, graffiti, other artist’s work and quotes that have personal meaning to me.

This is an installation created by Sarah Lucas. Lucas’ works possess a provacotive, sexual and voilent nature. She suggests human body parts through furnature and everyday objects. However, she also reveals how men are voilent towards women (below image)

In my opinion, this work shows a sexual and voilent mood via embedding a strip light through the mattress (male genetilia) and the light bulbs hanging from the coat hanger is the female genetilia. This suggests to me that the male is dominant and overpowering in his relationship with his partner. Thus Lucas’ work reminds viewers of the problems women still face with their partners.


Most of my objects and jewellery at home are little miniature things. I find them so cute! These couple of pieces are by Geraldine Klein.


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