Visual Journey

For this project we were told to take photos, collect objects and sketch things we get inspired by. Somehow we had to try and link (or find a link) between all our findings (photos, objects etc). It took me a while to actually find something which linked together. I came upon a small abandoned house. In the garden I found objects. Weird objects. Questions began to arise. What kind of people lived in this house? Why did they move out?

I took these odd objects back to the studio and decided to put my own ideas as to why this house was abandoned. Making it personal. However for some of the objects I asked other pupils what they would relate to that particular finding. Some opinions were suprising. For instance, one of the objects was a small bottle of ‘head cleaning fluid’. Any ideas as to what that might be? Yes, some people did relate it to fluid which cleans the inside of a printer, yet some people suggested topics like sex and underage pregnancy. I was open to all suggestions. To convey this through into my narration of the house I cut out words from newspapers, magazines, etc, and  glued them onto polystyrene balls – as if it were a ‘bubble’ of words. At the back of the house there was shattered glass everywhere – maybe relating to aggression or even abuse? To make all these objects relate to the house I nailed blue rope to the front door (contrasting to the red), tied the found object to each rope and finally attaching the individual ‘bubbles’ along with the object it related to. Overall, I believe this installation is not only interesting to look at but tells a story about a house which has been left empty for some time now.

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