Make Things/Makes Sense

Our lecture on friday was held by Hazel White, who was previously a Jewellery & Metal Design student of Dundee and now runs the Masters programme there. She explained that once you put a piece of jewellery on it should say something about you – your IDENTITY. It changes how other people look and behave around you. It creates an EFFECT.

She then began talking about one of her designs called the ‘Second Wedding Ring’. The piece consisted of two rings which were attatched together with a smaller ring. She asked us what messages this piece gave out. Replies came back with: ‘been previously married?’, ‘partnership?’, however the real story is very straightforward: they married with a bought ring then White decided to make her own but instead of throwing away the original ring they joint them together.

In my opinion, this clearly conveys how people can interpret things differently, but did not interpret the simplest of messages – thus is ambiguous. The ambiguity is also unleashed in the title of the piece “Second Wedding Ring” which is something a jeweller might want to do. On the other hand, some jewellers may definately not want to do this. This is because if it is published in a newspaper and the wrong message is sent out public, it would be a catastrophe! Not only for the piece but for yourself as you wouldn’t want to live a lie all your life.

White then went to talk about body adornment – fastening things to the body. She had done a piece which there were small conal fixtures screwed into the vertabrae and exposed sticking out of the skin. She then thought ‘what if a wedding ring was a permanent fixture to the finger?’ – thus making a screwed fixture into the bone of the ring finger. She said it would be a metaphor for marraige, make the couple unable to separate. Sad.









I like this idea of body distortion and adornment, it reminds me of how people get inplants in their cheeks to look like cats or pointy ears to look like a pixie. It allows you to change your look. However it can go wrong or you  may not like it and it is difficult to fix eg. Michael Jackson. White’s idea of a permanent fixture for a wedding ring I do not approve of as what if your husband/wife is being the one cheating on you? Then you would have to live with this cheating lie on your finger that would be extremely not just painful but dangerous to get removed! All that for a person you hate? No thanks. Just use surgical glue to stick things on!

My last point is when White talked about creating a piece of jewellery which had a secret life of it’s own – it moved about the body. For example, when people do not like to be disturbed. Coud you act out that you have been disturbed? Her example was a flock of birds would fly away creating noise to emphasise the annoyance of being disturbed. Yes this is a smart and witty idea great for animation or video but jewellery? Where does that come in? Maybe the noise in a jewellery piece would work.

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