Line in Wire

Our second project is to design and make a jewellery body piece using wire. The natural feature of wire is the LINE. To get inspiration I went out and drew silhouettes – scaffolding on buildings, telephone posts and cables etc. I then walked past a playground and immediately got drawn to the monkey bars and climbing frames: full of LINE. I sat and drew looking at the shapes and patterns the lines created.









I then developed my sketches by stretching, fattening, bending, repeating and sharpening the shapes and so on. I also placed my design ideas onto drawings of figures to find out the scale.










We then spent a week to create designs on the computer programs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I had never used Illustrator before so it was very exciting! There is so many different tools compared to the familiar program Photoshop. You can copy and rotate objects to create wheels and alter lines in your design so easily which would take so much longer by hand. Definitely going to use this program in future designs.




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