Extra/Ordinary Objects

Japanese Skin Beauty Secret

This may look like a normal skin beauty product but as we look closer it is in fact quite literally… well bird shit. Nightingale Droppings are  made from the droppings of the nightingale songbird, which is dried, ground into an almost odourless powder and mixed to create a smooth paste, which is then massaged onto the face. This facial paste results in a pale and soft complexion, leaving the skin feel silky smooth exfoliated.

You should apply the mask roughly twice a week to get the best results and can be left up to 20 minutes. The droppings are commonly used for geisha girls to achieve their desirable white skin and to even whiten their kimonos.

Your Lover Will Fall For You

Both women and men wear perfume everyday, but the next big thing is going to be Skunk Perfume. No not to smoke. Some men even admit that the smell is somewhat arousing. And do NOT worry, no skunk buts have been milked to extract the smell. It was intitially used for disguising hunters smell so deer couldn’t detect them. Skunk is now sold for personal use in the USA.

Are You A Germaphobe?

Are you obsessed with being clean? Afraid of catching germs? Worry not! Now you can purchase these new phone condoms! Scientists have found flesh-eating bacteria lsing in the mouth piece of a New York pay phone. If you are worried about catching disease from a phone, these clean, disposable telephone condoms may solve your problem.

Smoke Out Your Baby

Meet Smokey Sue. Watch her smoke for herself and her baby. Over time, as she puffs away at her cigarette, the smoke will pass through into her placenta (water in the jar below), which carries her baby. The more she lights up the more filth gets passed into her placenta. This is a very blunt but excellent model to demonstrate exactly what would happen if you were inhaling during pregnancy. When I look at a pregnant woman holding a cigarette, I feel angry towards her, angry that she is smoking her baby. Your baby gets absolutely EVERYTHING from you. Inhaling smoke can pass on 4,000 chemicals to your unborn baby – one of them being carbon monoxide. This makes oxygen supply for the baby very low, thus their little hearts would have to pump faster to stay alive. Smoking can lead to tragic consequences for your baby – they are more likely to be born premature, underweight, or even dead.

Weigh Your Eyelids

People who suffer from logophthalmos have difficulty closing their eyes properly due to partial facial paralysis. Dryness, irritation or, in extreme cases, total blindness can result from logophthalmos. MedDev Corporation have come up with these fantastic metallic eyelid weights which allow the eyelid to fall naturally whenever the eye mucles relax. They are anchored to the eyelid with hypoallergenic tape. I believe this design is successful as it is a very safe procedure – no medication or side effects.




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