About the Designer


Zoe Davidson in her vibrant Stromness workshop

Zoe Davidson lives in Orkney and works from her small workshop in Stromness. She produces jewellery which is all handmade, dynamic in form and inspired by her love for the island’s historic landscapes and ever-changing seas.

Zoe graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Design Degree from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee. Since then, she has traveled and worked with the likes of Haute-Couture/Fashion Designer: Iris Van Herpen, in Amsterdam, Scottish Jewellery Maker: Gilly Langton, and most recently, with two Orkney-based jewellery companies.

Brought up in Brunei Darussalam, in South-East Asia, Zoe spent most of her free time diving under the sea with her family and living with local people. Moving to Orkney was a dramatic change from Brunei’s tropical climate. But being Orcadian at heart, Zoe is passionate about evoking Orkney’s beauty in pieces of wearable sculptures: from the wild seas and dramatic landscapes, to it’s rich history.

A high level of craftsmanship is involved in making Zoe’s creations, with traditional silversmithing techniques such as fold-forming and anti-clastic raising. She personally designs and makes all her pieces so making every work utterly unique and special.

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3 thoughts on “About the Designer

  1. david rheuble says:

    hello. I stumbled over this site by mistake and I love every thing about it not because I’m an artist but that I love real art the real as a new day or the sky being covered by twilight. I guess I found a new home where ideas are traded for smiles.

  2. david rheuble says:

    not at the moment and don’t think I will be doing so because I don’t do enough art these days to think I need one. I was wondering if I could or do I have post my new work to this web site in the future?

  3. piper says:

    Hey i found this site on google by clicking on images! And i found these pics and they are so cool! Please show how to do the most upper one! I love them! I can make cool friendship bracelets just not that big and want to try! Thanks!

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